Cabinet Office chooses Asset Factory

For the last 10 years, CDS has been the development partner and systems administrator for the Government’s electronic Property Information and Mapping Service (e-PIMS) which provides a single, unified, independent source of property data and features for benchmarking the costs associated with the civil estate.


The web-based system is mandated for use across government and has become a key resource for departments to share property information. It also supports initiatives to help speed-up the delivery of cost savings by helping departments to identify their surplus and under-utilised property assets.

It also helps organisations across the public sector to manage their property more efficiently, supporting them to develop strategic property plans and helping with complex projects and procurements.

Most recently, CDS has worked with Cabinet Office to further enhance the functionality and capability of ePIMS by providing:

  • A reporting solution that acts as the Single Version of Truth for the UK Central Civil and wider Public Sector Estate.
  • A data repository that produces the UK Governments State of the Estate Report.
  • Data rich reporting layer that provides intelligent actionable insight into how the estate is performing and how it could be further optimised.

CDS’ solution

ePIMS screenCDS implemented Asset Factory™, a strategic property and estates BI dashboard. The dashboard utilises the MicroStrategy Mobile App and presents actionable analytics extracted from data contained within the e-PIMS.

The application equips property managers with real-time insight on corporate real estate matters such as property lease expiries and property costs, and can measure all costs against meters squared or employees within the property. Energy consumption and waste can also be measured and can filtered by building, square meter or full-time equivalent employee (FTE). In addition to measuring objective property data, the solution also has the capability to combine subjective people measures that enables us to understand the relationship between workplace and productivity.

The solution, available on a mobile tablet device, now allows non-technical users to explore aggregated data. Users are now able to gain a holistic view across their estate and are able to drag and drop semantically clear facts and metrics to create interactive charts and tables, mapping interfaces and visualisations focused on highlighting visually compelling data events, what if scenarios, correlations and anomalies.


The Government’s ePIMS developed by CDS is the largest property asset management system known to exist in Europe. It holds information on over 130,000 buildings across the public sector estate.

Following implementation, the independent National Audit Office has credited the ePIMS system of helping to deliver more than £54 million in savings.

Since 2010, ePIMS has raised £1.8 billion in capital receipts and reduced the size of the estate by nearly a quarter, exiting 2.4 million sq m of unneeded space. All this has been achieved while cutting carbon emissions by 22%.

The amount of space used by an average staff member has fallen to 10.4 sq m in 2014–15, from 11.3 sq m in 2013–14, a reduction of 8% in one year.

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