e-PIMS asset management

CDS delivers a web-based system for the Government’s electronic Property Information and Mapping Service (ePIMS) which holds information about the entire Central Civil estate and land assets.

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The objective

The Government’s electronic Property Information and Mapping Service (e-PIMS) holds information about the entire Central Civil estate and land assets. The web-based system is mandated for use across government and has become a key resource for departments to share property information and pan-government relocation planning.

e-PIMS is a location based asset management system based on an Ordnance Survey GIS core. The system provides easy access to maps, photos, and detailed information such as floor plans to handle any estate planning or management need, from strategic estate rationalisation and demolition to new build sites and alternative accommodation sites for business continuity planning.

How the objective was achieved

ePIMSePIMS is being delivered by CDS’ Application Management (AM) team. The AM team are a unique blend of GUI, application development and service delivery specialists, designed from inception (over 10 years ago) to deliver superb web service applications.

CDS provides consultancy, support and development for e-PIMS. An initial consultancy period was required to develop a detailed transition and migration plan to enable successful transfer from in-house development to outsourced service. This included plans for technical installation, testing, support, disaster recovery, change control and ongoing development processes.

We work with a number of OGC’s customers to integrate e-PIMS with departmental systems using XML.


CDS are successfully delivering increased ROI; improved service levels and end user satisfaction via a combination of experienced software application developers, Quality Assured service delivery, and a passion for coaching end users.

CDS focus on delivering on their clients’ own service level commitments, while ensuring that end users enjoy and understand the products provided, result in useful and accurate reports for the OGC management team.

e-PIMS is a pioneering government service, part of the connected government initiative, designed to deliver on the Lyons and Gershon reviews. It uniquely enables multiple government organisations to securely get data to and from the system using a dual secure web/GSi delivery architecture.

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