Wakefield Council

Savings through single sourcing and supporting the local economy.

CDS deliver print services for Wakefield Council

The requirement

Wakefield Council wanted to appoint a single print supplier to help drive cashable savings on their print spend. With a wide variety of print products in their portfolio, it was essential to engage with an experienced supplier who had the capability to manage a vendor neutral supply chain and support the local economy.

The solution

Through the Wider Public Sector Print Services framework (RM1687), CDS was appointed to provide a fully managed print solution for Wakefield Council. Key features include:

  • An end-to-end solution covering all types of print including lithographic, digital, web, NCR sets, stationery, promotional items, envelopes, display items and variable data
  • CDS technical expertise and guidance on all aspects of print specifications
  • Driving savings through a proactive approach to the delivery of the contract. CDS uses their expertise to offer guidance on all aspects of print specifications, distribution and postage to suggest more most effective solutions to deliver each requirement
  • Standardising printed sizes and the range of materials used to minimise waste during print production - reducing environmental impact and saving money
  • Advice on alternative solutions, including eCommunications and use of digital channels
  • Provision of comprehensive management information (MI), including captured savings
  • Vetting and onboarding Wakefield’s incumbent printers to support the local economy, whilst providing the Council with value assurances through benchmarking against the wider UK print marketplace
  • A culture of continuous improvement to deliver year-on-year savings

The results

Wakefield Council use CDS print management services

From the start of the contract in 2014, CDS has worked closely in partnership with Wakefield to drive cashable savings by providing cost-effective communications that meet the needs of the audience and are fit for purpose.

Once the contract was live, CDS worked with the Council to establish a baseline against which savings could be measured and reported. In the first year of the contract (2014/15), technical advice and effective market testing yielded approximately £5,000 of savings.

In 2015/16, the Communications team was tasked with finding £100,000 of savings across all channels to help meet the Council’s budget challenge. The Comms Team worked closely with CDS to value engineer their printed materials, including migration to digital channels. This provided around £83,000 of savings - a significant budget contribution.

More recently, the CDS Account Team continue to work closely with Council stakeholders to forensically examine all printed communications to find further savings. Using our continuous improvement methodology - combining technological advances and industry best practice - this partnership delivered in the region of £62,000 of additional savings to the Council in 2016/17.         

About CCS

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) works with departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. The CCS goal is to become the 'go-to' place for expert commercial and procurement services.

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The managed print service provider model is a new service delivery method for the provision of external print at Wakefield Council. The contract has achieved significant cashable savings, along with non-cashable efficiencies due to only having one supplier to manage. In our experience, the CDS team provide a professional service and have a wealth of knowledge available to ensure that the best solution is provided for each print requirement. An excellent level of support was provided by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) who guided us through the procurement process and the award of the contract with CDS.

Neil Warren, Chief Finance Manager

Wakefield Council



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