Delivering digital transformation for Wesleyan

Wesleyan, like all financial services providers, faces the challenges posed by digital transformation. Access to information and knowledge within the organisation and improved ways to communicate across the traditional departmental boundaries are vital to the process. CDS has the insight and technical capability to develop an Intranet to meet these challenges.

Andrew Southall, Wesleyan's Digital Propositions Consultant, talks about the company's innovative digital workplace strategy and how Episerver Premium Partner, CDS is helping to deliver the solutions that large financial, insurance and other complex organisations require to thrive in a competitive environment.

Video index:

0:00 Introduction to Wesleyan’s Digital Workplace Strategy
0:37 Who are Wesleyan
1:15 Working with CDS and Episerver
2:09 The Intranet
2:41 What are Wesleyan's Digital Workplace Vision and Goals
3:32 The Digital Workplace Explained
5:40 What advice would you give to other organisations wanting to improve their digital workplace

The requirement 

Wesleyan invested heavily in the development of their intranet, which today provides a valuable communications channel that allows them to disseminate information to their 1,300 office and home based staff. To support the organisation’s growth strategy, they needed to further enhance their intranet to promote collaborative working, sharing of content and allowing departments to take control of their content.

Built using Episerver CMS, Wesleyan’s intranet is one of the digital cornerstones supporting the company’s digital transformation.

Wesleyan sought an agency that could work with them to provide:

  • Ongoing and resilient Episerver technical support
  • Systems integration
  • Brand implementation
  • Implement new digital tools to support new ways for staff to work together
  • Improve access to knowledge within the organisation

Why Wesleyan chose CDS

CDS was an excellent fit as Wesleyan’s Episerver and digital implementation partner. 

We are 2019 Episerver Partner of the Year for the UK and Ireland.

CDS has:

  • In-depth technical knowledge of Episerver (all the developers are trained by Episerver)
  • A resilient IT support infrastructure with ITIL certified service desk staff
  • ISO certified security, quality and environmental credentials
  • Government tested and approved security credentials
  • Strategic insight and ability to support the implementation of digital transformation
  • A deeper understanding of financial services sector that comes from working with several of the largest organisations within the sector

CDS’ capabilities and credentials create a powerful blend that is not easily duplicated and that is sought after, especially by companies that have to deliver reliable and secure financial services.

Projects undertaken during the first 12 months

Develop internal digital communication tools using Episerver Relate

Wesleyan's Intranet developed by CDSWesleyan identified the need to improve internal communications, with a particular focus on inter-department communications channels and communication links between head office and the large proportion of home-based staff. This forms part of the wider sales and growth strategy that the business is currently embarking on.

Historically communication has been departmentalised and followed traditional vertical reporting lines. Going forward, the business recognised the need to break down existing barriers and encourage greater collaboration through sharing content, knowledge, ideas and best practice with a view to providing a better service to its customers.

The use of blogs and forums, which can be implemented within the organisation’s Intranet environment, provided a viable solution to allow Wesleyan to take advantage of new and intuitive digital communication methods.

As collaborative working is seen as a significant shift in the way the organisation currently communicates, CDS recommended a phased introduction of blogs and forums. This commenced with a discovery phase involving representatives from across the business to understand current ways of working, current levels of frustration, identify user-requirements and map out new ways of working. The outputs from the session then informed the development of a pilot, which is currently underway.

Implementation of workflow within Episerver CMS

Prior to the implementation of workflow, staff emailed the internal Intranet team with new/changes to Intranet content. Content was then copied into Episerver and then published. Having a small intranet team coupled with this manual process, caused bottlenecks in the publication process.


CDS has implemented workflow within the Episerver Intranet project to allow departments and teams to create, manage and publish their own content. Workflow also streamlines the process from content creation through to publication.

Business benefits

  • Empowers staff within departments and teams to create their own content
  • Removes bottlenecks in the current approval/publishing process
  • Provides governance around how content is created, reviewed and published
  • Volume of published content will increase and improve knowledge sharing
  • Provides control mechanisms to ensure that only approved content is published
  • Staff will feel more involved and connected
  • Protects the organisation’s brand identity

Customer benefits

  • Customers will receive the latest information
  • Increase in knowledge sharing will improve customer service/experience
  • Improved response times

Brand implementation

Alan Whiting, Wesleyan’s Head of Group Marketing, said: “Our intranet is at the hub of our internal communications, so when we launched our refreshed brand to customers, the intranet also needed to reflect our new look and feel, to ensure staff were fully aware of the changes and messages we wanted to project.”

CDS has a track record in brand implementation for prestigious projects such as the London 2012 Olympic Games, where they played a vital role designing a variety of products for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).

CDS re-skinned Wesleyan’s intranet site to reflect the organisation’s new brand.

Improving search with Episerver

CDS expanded the Episerver standard search function to improve and enhance the search functionality on Wesleyan’s intranet.

The new search capability enables staff to quickly and easily search for and access a wide range of materials and documents that had previously been hard to find on the system.

The result is improved access to information and knowledge across the company. Resources are now easier to find and use. As a result Wesleyan staff are able to deliver a quicker and better service to their customers.

Summary of CDS services provided to Wesleyan

  • Service desk support
  • Episerver technical development
  • System integration
  • Consultancy on digital transformation
  • Brand implementation
  • Project management

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Our intranet is at the hub of our internal communications, so when we launched our refreshed brand to customers, the intranet also needed to reflect our new look and feel, to ensure staff were fully aware of the changes and messages we wanted to project.

Alan Whiting, Head of Group Marketing




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