Application development

We develop applications for multiple platforms with requirements ranging from BI to eLearning.

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CDS has one of the largest and most skilful web application programming teams in the UK, delivering enterprise-grade solutions to government and industry that are:

  • mission critical
  • in daily use by thousands or tens of thousands of staff, not casual web surfers
  • highly secure
  • compatible with every network environment the UK government operate

Our customers trust us to deliver challenging and complex services in easy to use and efficient ways.


Web applications

CDS has one of the largest and most skillful web-app programming teams in the UK, delivering enterprise-grade solutions to government and industry.

There are many good reasons for deploying web applications. For example:

  • they are easily accessible by staff on a PC and laptop
  • they are cheaper to deploy and maintain than installed software services
  • they are quicker to develop and enhance
  • users can usually learn to use them more easily
  • What distinguishes us from system integrators and traditional software developers is our combination of in-house web application and web designer teams to provide a true end-to-end service. This allows us to offer a unique hybrid service that:
  • is easy to use as well as functional
  • end-users can adapt to quickly – often they can self-teach
  • is compliant to accessibility (W3C) and web development standards as well as software development principles
  • is based on open web standards using frameworks including .Net and SQL
  • works within a web browser in the way a regular web user would expect and enjoy rather than having to ‘learn’

In short, we are a nimble and agile team from a web-development background who are the ideal partner for today’s focus on tactical web apps.

We’re making the civil service more efficient and cutting waste; as a result we have properties both owned and rented that we need to do more with. Not only will this website help to save government money but local economies will see new opportunities, jobs and growth as new life is brought into empty and under-used properties.

Chloe Smith, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform

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