Social media management & strategy

CDS can help with all aspects of social media management for your business

All aspects of social media management for your business

Social media is vital to communication and it is imperative that companies effectively use the right channels to engage with their users. As the number of channels available continues to grow, how do you decide which are best for your business? Should you try and create a presence on as many as possible? How do you plan to resource the set up, management, maintenance and monitoring of each channel? 

Social media has changed the way people search, the way consumers discover brands and information, and the way customers interact with organisations.

Social media can help with:

  • Sharing information
  • Revenue generation
  • Training and continued professional development
  • Customer service - Social media enables you to respond instantaneously to online chatter. Use it to listen, learn and act
  • Brand building and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content strategy and PR

Complete social media solutions

CDS will design a social media strategy to make effective use of your internal teams, current systems and resources. We will also advise you on the best channels and solutions available to deliver against your business objectives. We can help with:

  • Content and growth strategy
  • Publishing and management
  • Monitoring and reporting 
  • Automated moderation
  • Social CRM
  • Integration of social media to your website
  • Social media monetisation

Digital Services

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CDS helped us make our identity more clear to businesses, to customers and the entire mobile industry. We are making this brand live. People identify who we are and understand what we are trying to achieve.

Barbara Moretti, Strategic Marketing Manager


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