Business in the Age of Digital Darwinism

Filmed at an exclusive event for major brands at CDS Digital's London office, digital evangelist and Darwinist, Karl-Heinz Land shared his view on doing business in the Age of the Digital Revolution.

The film below shows just 2 minutes of Karl-Heinz’s now internationally famous presentation, Business in the Age of the Digital Revolution. The full version of Karl-Heinz’s presentation delivers a high impact 60 minute tour of his bestselling CEO’s guidebook to digital transformation called Digital Darwinism. The book launches in the US and UK later this year.

The full video of the event is only available for private viewing due to the intellectual property value and live client examples that were presented on the day. We would of course like to share this with you on a one to one basis so, after watching the trailer, please do register your interest in accessing the full set of materials. 

The event was designed to present and test our hypothesis:

“That customers and citizens can and will share their data, and change their behaviour willingly, provided we deliver the right content, to the right contact, in the right context.”

Attendees saw how CDS Digital’s customers have combined market leading content and data management services to drive change in customer, employee and citizen behaviour: by transforming marketing and communications to become a value added service in its own right.

So what to do next? Please view the video trailer, connect with us, and lets discuss how right content, right contact, right context digital services can deliver value to your business.

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