CDS appointed to new digital services framework for Scotland

Scotland’s Digital Strategy sets out plans for ensuring that digital is at the heart of everything they do.

Scottish Government

This means the Scottish public sector is buying more digital services. 

To support the ever increasing requirement, Scottish Procurement has established a collaborative Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Digital Services.

We are delighted that CDS has been appointed to the framework (Lot 1: Digital Projects), which is available to Scottish Government, fire, health, local authorities, police, universities and colleges, third sector and other public bodies.

Lot 1 – Digital Projects includes:

  • Digital transformation projects
  • Digital online services
  • User research
  • Content design
  • Service design
  • Testing
  • Training

If your organisation is in Scotland then Digital Services DPS provides an easy, approved procurement route. It has been designed to deliver digital procurement projects in an agile way. Buyers can request full service or elements of Alpha, Beta and so on, should the requirement dictate that this is the best method for delivery.

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