Flexible web hosting with 99.99% availability

Flexible website hosting on AWS for National Rail Enquiries.

When reviewing National Rail Enquiries’ website requirements, CDS needed to architect a solution that provided 99.99% availability at the infrastructure and application level.

A content management system (CMS) provided separation between the content creation and content delivery layers.

Combining this with a world leading Content Delivery Network from Verizon’s Edgecast, CDS were able to build a solution that not only fully meets the 99.99% requirement but has significantly exceeded expectations – notably during the St Judes storms when public use of the system peaked at over 10 times the highest usage the site had ever processed.

One of the latest projects has been to move the site to be hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The benefits to National Rail Enquiries are flexibility and savings.

The NRE site can see tremendous spikes in activity. A physical server solution has to be designed to cope with the worst case scenario and is expensive because you have to pay for unused capacity during quieter periods.

AWS enables the usage to be scaled up or down depending on the requirement. This provides a much more flexible solution that still offers 99.99% availability at infrastructure and application level.

Earlier this year CDS successfully moved National Rail Enquiries website hosting to AWS.

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