Government property management system reaches highest level to date

We’re incredibly proud to announce that as of January 2017 the Government Property Unit (GPU) now manages an area equivalent to 3,922 football pitches, roughly four times the size of Gibraltar, in our e-PIMS (Electronic Property Information and Mapping Service).

Cabinet OfficeThe reason this milestone has been reached is that Local Authorities are now being encouraged to share their property data on e-PIMS – extending the value of the system by ensuring that the One Public Estate and the National Asset Register Programmes are aware of the even greater efficiencies that exist in Public sector property management.

From the initial 25 central government departments, there are now nearly 1,000 separate UK government public bodies using the system and more than 3,000 property management personnel log into the system.

Together with the Cabinet Office’s Government Property Unit (GPU) we have created a system that delivers exceptional value to the Government and the UK at large. We feel proud to work with GPU on implementing, developing and maintaining e-PIMS.

In 2016 e-PIMS won the Property Week Management All-Stars award for Property Management System of the Year and won international accolades in the Global Sourcing Association Awards.

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