Irish Ferries choose CDS

“With CDS as a partner we have created a solution that assists our marketing efforts in providing real demonstrable ROI and business benefits,” said Daragh O’Reilly, Marketing Manager, Irish Ferries. Read on for the story of Irish Ferries digital journey.

Irish Ferries is the leading ferry operator between the Republic of Ireland and the UK/continental Europe.  But despite its leading position, their research had shown that problems existed that had to be addressed urgently, for example:

  • they were operating in a shrinking marketplace
  • customer retention problems were jeopardising their market share.

Irish Ferries web presence, although liked by customers:

  • was difficult to update and maintain
  • could not produce the essential management information (MI) the company needed to remain competitive and the market leader
  • could not offer customers a personalised journey through the site
  • was slow, unreactive, and couldn’t predict the customer’s next move.

Modern web technology offered dynamic new features that the company could not ignore in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

CDS proposed implementing EPiServer 7 CMS with functionality that would:

  • provide a full range of MI and analysis that would enable managers to react immediately to changes in the marketplace
  • increase throughput and bookings
  • offer personalised content based on a customer’s journey on the site
  • deliver content from a single source to all device types, enabling editors to create and/or update content once for all device types
  • create key journeys from the Home page through to booking
  • include dedicated landing pages for the client’s UK & French routes
  • enable customers to make keyword searches
  • present relevant information at the right time and reinforce best messages to keep customers on track to purchase
  • present ‘reason to buy’ information through to the purchase
  • offer real-time sailing information.

In addition, CDS proposed:

  • a range of analytic tools to capture data in real time about customers’ page views/journeys through the site
  • a move to the fluidity of responsive design – the website identifies the incoming customer’s device type and delivers content in an optimised format for their screen size
  • a campaign management package to collect data about the success of different versions of on-screen content, i.e. the ‘A/B test’.

Irish Ferries went on to accept the CDS-recommended solution.  Though the front end looked similar to the old site, EPiServer’s technology and CDS expertise had transformed the capability of the Irish Ferries website – it is now fit for purpose and ready for the future.

Javier Ganaza, eBusiness Manager, Irish Ferries said: “CDS worked as an extension of our internal team and really made the difference in delivering a quality solution within challenging timescales.”

In November the Irish Ferries website was nominated for best ecommerce website at the EPiServer Awards 2013.

CDS is delighted to be working with Irish Ferries,  a new client in 2013 adding to our growing portfolio of travel sector customers, which include National Rail Enquiries and Transport for London.

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