Making the UK a safer place

When things go seriously wrong – caused by natural hazards like the weather, major incidents, accidents or catalysts of havoc, such as individual/group acts aimed at maximising damage – the emergency services need a secure way to plan and coordinate their response, often across geographical and organisational boundaries.

ObjectiveUsing CDS’ expertise in developing our Objective Collaboration™ application the Cabinet Office established the ‘ResilienceDirect™’ platform – a secure web-based browser tool.

Wider application

The principles behind Objective Collaboration™, which underpins much of ResilienceDirect™, can be used by any organisation to plan, manage and coordinate projects and responses.

Objective Collaboration™ is a business tool for leaders that offers control, security and governance. It drives and directs collaboration, to create a consensus that delivers valuable assets as opposed to simply enabling unmanageable social interaction and “chatter”.

CDS’ collaboration platform can for example also be used for HR, training and many other applications for organisations in sectors as diverse as finance, transport and government.

ResilienceDirect™: a common information platform

Emergency servicesEmergency responders need to be ready to deal with crises and disruptive events – ranging from natural disasters to deliberate attacks.

Now the emergency response community in the UK have access to a new, fully accredited and secure information-sharing platform called ResilienceDirect™, underpinned by OS location data provided under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA).

The challenges

  • Coordinating response and recovery during emergency situations.
  • Sharing information effectively during emergency response and planning.
  • ‘Cutting across’ the different processes and technologies used by each response organisation.
  • Making the UK a safer place.

The answer

With ResilienceDirect, real time information can be shared across all organisational and geographic boundaries. For the first time, organisations can work collaboratively during an incident.

It brings location context to your data and can integrate with other live third party datasets making you better informed and able to make more accurate decisions, directly from your desktop or mobile device.

Paul Netherton, ACC, Devon and Cornwall Police said: “ResilienceDirect has transformed the way that local resilience forums share work and good practice, dramatically improving information-flow, which is so critical in a major incident.”

The results

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive platform underpinned by world-class mapping data.
  • Free to use. No digital certificates make it accessible anywhere on almost any device.
  • Detailed mapping data from Ordnance Survey allows responders to pinpoint risk areas and communicate information accurately, in some cases specifically to an individual building.
  • Designed to cut across multiple communication channels to drive greater efficiency and joint working at strategic and tactical levels.
  • More than £760k in efficiency savings already delivered.

Please contact us to arrange a demo of our Objective Collaboration™ web browser based platform. Any organisation, from central government to the financial sector could benefit from this tool.


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