Motor Sport BI Dashboards

Launched for the 2014 season, Compelo’s motor sport dashboards contain almost 100 metrics of team and driver performance in addition to circuit characteristics, which are updated session-by-session, to provide the data and analysis for incisive, fact-led reporting.

Compelo’s app enables users to identify anomalies in data that highlight newsworthy stories, such as differences in team-mate performance on the track. Historical data going back to 1950, as well as race by race updates, support real-time reporting.

Whether users are in the pitlane or the commentary studio, they enjoy incisive analytics that make it easy to uncover the real story. Compelo uses leading-edge dashboard design and BI integration for their motor sport product. We set out to assist Compelo by not only providing a technical solution but also to delight users by making their dashboards easy to use and extremely attractive.

The dashboards use infographic-style icons and present information in an attractive, clear and easy to access format.

This demo video is for illustration purposes only. It shows Compelo’s Motor Sport dashboard product during the design phase with a small sample of test data. Contact Compelo or CDS to see the solution with accurate, up-to-date and complete data.

Providing clear, accurate and reliable information, in accessible formats is at the heart of a lot of what CDS does. It fits within our mantra of delivering the right content, to the right contact, within the right context, while ensuring the user is empowered to act on this information.

We think any organisation that needs to present clear analytics, especially in the sporting world where fans value the detail and hidden stories that accurate, up-to-minute analytics can uncover, will want to take notice of what Compelo has achieved.

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