Not the Emperor's new clothes

Is anybody else having to stop and check themselves over what is being written on the potential of technology in the near future?

Take Drone Technology. Used in a responsible manner they seem to be filling our TV screens with camera angles that were, until drones came along, only possible with expensive fixed structures. David Attenborough fill your boots!

But they are now being positioned to become personal transportation solutions and grocery delivery solutions. Is anybody horrified at the thought of their much-anticipated summer vacation or their business trip becoming a scene from a disaster movie because of unchecked growth and crowded skies?

I am not one to stifle creative and innovative thinking, oh contraire, but could consumer technology be leading business applications again, though in a dangerous way?

Something that seems just as far-fetched but much less dangerous is the opportunity for applying consumer technology to the Property and Estates sector. More skies crowded with data and communications rather than your next door neighbour’s washing up liquid serving as an Exocet!

The Internet, mobile technology, collaboration tools and connectivity to backend platforms has changed not just the way we work but work itself.

The use of Skype is now a utility service in the workplace. For the same business application do you remember those 1990’s challenges of how many ISDN2 lines you needed to get a fully lip sync’d Video Conferencing session to your office in the Far East? Not least the expense of the Display ‘walls’.

App’s such as Periscope can be used as a real-time way of diagnosing remote issues that need an audio/visual perspective. Again, go back just a decade where the lag between diagnosing FM issues was because your one and only expert was busy travelling to/from their next emergency.

I have written before about consumer actions impacting on property and workplace solutions. Where the citizens of cities or staff in workplaces interact with their infrastructure and fabric to allow those cities or workplaces to be managed on a real-time basis. Where commoditised data, smart assets and information patterns, drive decision making.

So use of consumer technology that becomes essential to business – not optional. To make this precise point, through an Innovation portal called Synoptica, innovative solutions for the Built Environment like Crowd Comfort are given a platform where they can be exposed to the market and allowed to flourish.

Imagine your situation right now. You manage a complex and expensive Property Estate. In the next 5 years, your business will change as ‘PESTLE’ circumstances change and you are being asked to scale up/down. You need to ensure that you deliver an Estate that maximises the potential of the people, products and services your business provides. You need to be in full control of your Property Estate’s Value, Cost, Risk and Performance.

However, you are data rich and insight poor. Transparency and Trust is an Issue and although you have lots of data, you may find it difficult to make sense of it all. CDS are delivering services that can help. Asset Factory helps you harvest the data that is important from all your property and Estate systems and then deliver actionable insights.

So this is real and here right now, nobody is telling us that our clothes look fine and dandy whilst secretly I’m shivering, but should somebody be speaking to Amazon?

Author: Michael Stephens, Head of Asset Intelligence at CDS Digital

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