Part 2: EPiServer 7.5 features continued

Following on from yesterday’s EPiServer 7.5 post on key enhancements, today we’ll cover Layout Management and New Media Management.

Next week the series continues, so stay tuned.

CDS is EPiServer’s largest partner in the UK.

Layout management

EPiServer has added the possibility for editors and marketers to select how a block/product/media should be displayed at a very granular level, while at the same time, keeping the design consistent with brand guidelines. Users can simply drag, for example, a block onto the page, and click ‘Display as’ for it to appear on the page.

It can be used for page layout but also includes display options such as different design/colors or if a product listing should display thumbnails or not. For developers, this means that they can define tags that can be selected by the editor and then define specific renderings for these tags.

Developers now work with strong content models and the built-in support for Responsive Design and different layouts helps meet the challenges in a multi-screen world.

Site owners can take advantage of updates as well as quickly add new functionality through the EPiServer Add-on Store (covered in a future post) – all without the need for complex deployment routines or developer assistance.

New media management

Working with media files is now done in the same way as when working with other types of content such as pages and blocks (click image to see large version). You can schedule media files, create drafts, drag media files directly to content areas, personalize them, etc. This feature is great for digital marketers working with content that belongs to specific campaigns.

Our clients include:

  • Irish Ferries
  • Wesleyan
  • abc
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Several financial companies and Government bodies

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