Part 3: EPiServer 7.5 features continued

In the third of our posts covering the exciting new features of EPiServer 7.5 we take a closer look at one of key enhancements, the redesigned user interface.

We’ll also cover how EPiServer have designed their CMS to be completely screen-agnostic.

CDS is EPiServer’s largest partner in the UK.

The redesigned user interface

EPiServer’s large and competent user experience team has been the driving force behind the new developments and innovations. It all started with the slogan “Intuitive. Contemporary. Easy.” and EPiServer kept going from there. The result is a user interface that puts the content in focus instead of the system, while paying close attention to the small details that make all the difference to user experience.

You will notice that panels are context sensitive, meaning that they are only shown when you need them. The actions available depend on what you’re currently doing and the status of the content that you’re working with. One example is the action menu pictured above. It will change depending on your role as well as the state of the content you’re editing or approving.

The focus on multi-screen

People today are using more devices than ever before – from traditional desktop PCs and laptops through to a wide range of smartphones and tablets. EPiServer 7.5 is designed to be completely screen-agnostic. Rather than simply going with the desktop-first approach, this means that you can choose to start with mobiles or tablets, often referred to as mobile first.

When working with content you can always see what the user experience will be like on any given screen and can also edit the content for each screen you are targeting.

This is ideal for responsively designed sites where you no longer need to publish or resize your browser window to see what content will look like. The automatic layout makes sure your blocks are adjusted for the context they are placed in.

Our clients include:

  • Irish Ferries
  • Wesleyan
  • abc
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Several financial companies and Government bodies

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