Part 4: EPiServer 7.5 new features

In the final installment of our series of four blog posts discussing the new features and benefits of EPiServer 7.5 we take a look at the improved platform in more detail and EPiServer’s site owner friendly Add-on store.

But first let’s see how EPiServer deals with re-using content across your sites and channels.

CDS is EPiServer’s largest partner in the UK.

The focus on content re-use across sites and channels

When working with material that should be used in multiple markets or across several different channels, it is essential that content can be re-used. Duplicating content, also known as content forking, is something that over time can turn into a real nightmare in terms of maintenance as your content repository grows.

EPiServer 7.5 introduces shared content that can be re-used across your sites and channels. Shared content can be both pages and blocks, where blocks are smaller content parts such as banners, teasers, listings, videos and forms that can be placed on a page. Not only can you easily re-use content, you are also able to preview it in all the different ways it can be presented AND see all the places where it’s currently being used. This shared content can also be targeted, or personalized, for a specific segment. We call this “personalize once, use everywhere” and it saves a lot of time since you can create context-aware blocks that can be used anywhere.

The improved platform

EPiServer 7.5 introduces strongly typed content models to simplify development, test and deployment. The built-in support for different renderings of the same content depending on context is ideal for multi-channel pages and shared blocks. A clever tag system, in combination with the channel selector, makes it easy to select which renderer to use. You can choose the design pattern you prefer or combine both Web Forms and MVC in the same solution. The UI has new plug-in types and plug-in areas and is client-side driven to meet the needs of an interactive up-to-date user interface. It is based on the JavaScript framework. Dojo and REST services take care of all interactions with the server. The content provider model makes it easy to integrate other data repositories as first class citizens within the UI.

The EPiServer Add-on Store

We all know that a software project is never really done. That’s where another important part of the new platform comes into play: The EPiServer Add-on Store (click to see larger version of picture). The EPiServer Add-on Store not only lets site owners install popular add-ons without the need for a developer, it also opens up the possibility for us to make updates to the EPiServer UI that customers and partners can take advantage of effortlessly.

Today you will have the possibility to install two add-ons currently in beta releases: Google Analytics and Social Reach. Over time, the size of the store will grow, and you will soon be able to install third party add-ons that are certified by EPiServer. For large enterprise customers, or partners with many customers, it is possible to setup an internal store to easily enable new functionality across a number of sites and markets. The core platform takes care of security, dependencies, installs, upgrades and uninstalls.

Our clients include:

  • Irish Ferries
  • Wesleyan
  • abc
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Several financial companies and Government bodies

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