Royal Mail uses Asset Factory™

Join us at the MicroStrategy Symposium on 22 February 2016, at the ILEC Conference Centre, for CDS’s presentation with our client – Royal Mail Group.

Facilities Managers within Royal Mail Group Property use the Asset Factory™ app developed by CDS Digital across their estate of 1,800 buildings, including all business units, delivery offices, mail centres, distribution centres, offices and vacated properties.

It enables Royal Mail Group Property to pro-actively engage with the facilities management team to programme one-off maintenance against agreed specifications and timeframes. Asset Factory helps to identify reactive faults of a business critical nature, enabling Royal Mail’s customer facing teams to respond quickly and avoid incidents which could impact on its operations if not quickly resolved.

The benefits

Asset Factory™ was rolled out within Royal Mail during a six week development period from July and has achieved a high level of reliability since its launch.

Asset Factory takes data from an Operational Facilities Management system and then presents it on a dashboard. The source data is fed into the data warehouse four times a day and can then be viewed on mobile tablet devices. This provides regular progress updates for users.

The data can also be viewed offline if a Wi-Fi or 4G connection cannot be achieved.

Watch Royal Mail talking about the solution at the Microstrategy Symposium in London 2016

Keeping Royal Mail operating

The system supports Royal Mail Group Property in providing a facilities management service to operational teams throughout the year. The Asset Factory™ app assists in ensuring that possible business critical incidents are dealt with to keep Royal Mail operating.

Short video explaining how Asset Factory™ works

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