The devil is in the detail

Data should be an integral part of a digital strategy, but is often overlooked or neglected.

AnalyticsWithout proper measurement of how campaigns, channels and activities have performed, it is impossible to understand what has worked, what hasn’t worked and how to improve and optimise in the future.

Analytics is more than measuring website hits and dwell time. A planned, integrated approach can help to build a 360-degree picture of your business, your customers and your place in the market.

Common myths and pitfalls

It is expensive and time-consuming

Although the initial implementation can be tricky, if your analytics is set up and structured correctly, your hard work up front will pay off in the long run. Set up dashboards and goals to give you instant insights at the click of a button.

We’ve always done it this way

Legacy can be a wonderful thing, and I’m sure you know your business inside-out, but businesses need to keep evolving to stay relevant. Doing the same thing year after year may seem like a safe option, but can leave you vulnerable to changing trends. Set up a survey on site to see what your users really think – it may reveal some nuggets of valuable insight.

Our traffic volumes are too low to get any insight

Quite the opposite. In fact, lower traffic volumes often mean you have the opportunity to drill-down into users’ motives, habits and needs. The wonderful thing about data is it all hangs on the quality of the information collected. Even if your site only receives 2,000 page views per month – these are likely to be well-qualified leads and prospects that should be nurtured.

Offline is impossible to track

Not true – offline activity should be tracked and measured just the same as your digital channels. Setting up unique keywords, URLs and landing pages for your offline activity, can be a very simple way to understand what role offline plays in your user engagement.

How to get started – CDS can help

In February 2017, Marketing Week reported that a study by Apteco found that 80% of marketers said the customer journey is the most important topic for their organisation in 2017. Something that is impossible to measure without analytics. So how can you gain an edge and stay ahead of the competition?

Start small and be methodical. Setting some smart objectives will help keep you on track and focus on the most important tasks.

If you need some help implementing analytics, or would like some advice around your current set-up, CDS can help. We always take a consultative approach and work with you to come up with the best solution that meets your needs and budget. Think of us as an extension to your existing marketing team – on hand to provide workshops, reports and training to get results.

  • Lacking knowledge and skills? We can provide training, advice and support for your in-house team.
  • Lack of internal resource? We can carry the burden of reporting and provide technical, practical support, implementation and understanding.
  • Lack of tools and software? We can recommend solutions to give you the data you need and help to install them with you.

If you would like some help with your digital strategy and analytics, contact our team today.

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