MicroStrategy Usher

Why MicroStrategy Usher is an industry-leading enterprise security solution


Usher, by MicroStrategy, replaces physical badges, passwords, and security tokens with digital badges delivered via smartphones. These digital badges lock down logical and physical assets without sacrificing convenience. 

Usher provides instant verification, communication and geo-fencing capability for organisations that require an instant ‘answer’ in time-critical situations.

Emergency planning and resilience

CDS have been looking at Usher’s capability around emergency planning and resilience for convergent volunteers and rest centres. We have also been discussing restricted access to buildings across a manufacturing complex.

Convergent volunteers are individuals in the community who appear on-scene to help in the event of a major incident. Although grateful for the help, the emergency services do not have the capacity, tools or available information to assess the credibility, capability and skills of each volunteer.

This is not only a security threat but also a health and safety issue that could draw attention away from the incident itself. 

Emergency scene

We have also been discussing the Usher capability for use in rest centres. The resilience teams across the West Midlands have a process for ‘activating’ rest centres and registering those that need temporary accommodation. Currently, the registration process works but is slow, using paper-based forms. 

Usher comes into its own by speeding up the registration process and includes additional security to include a photograph of the individual. An ID band is also printed to include a unique QR code that is matched to the person’s record within Usher.

Outside of resilience and emergency planning, we have been investigating secure access into and out of restricted buildings across an industrial manufacturing complex. Currently, access to and from buildings is done with badges on the end of lanyards. 

The badges can be lost or become overused in a short period of time. Usher badges on mobile devices provide the perfect, unique and secure option with the benefit of the tracking capability sitting behind it. Badges can also be issued to visitors if they are in a time restricted building or a restricted zone.

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