Trends in Business Analytics

CDS, along with our partner and prime sponsor MicroStrategy, exhibited at the Big Data Conference in Edinburgh on Friday 19 April.

The event, which was Holyrood’s inaugural Big Data in the Public Sector conference, placed data management in the context of on-going public sector reform and illustrated the opportunities that data analytics holds for central government, local government, and other public sector institutions hoping to improve efficiency, better target resources and identify areas for collaboration.

Watch the keynote on Trends in Business Analytics by Sanju K. Bansal, Vice Chairman of the Board and Executive Vice President, MicroStrategy.


As prime sponsor, MicroStrategy and CDS held a workshop – Mobile Apps and Intelligence for your Big Data, which covered the following:

  • Real Big Data – Access the combined intelligence of Social, Government, Product and Reference Networks with BI, Cloud and Mobile Apps
  • MicroStrategy’s NHS Scotland Initiatives for Acute, Community Health and Corporate Mobile Intelligence Applications
  • CDS’s experience of delivering big data “actionable analytics” using Microstrategy within UK Government departments including the Cabinet Office, The British Army and the UK transport network.


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