Government Minister visits CDS

It’s not every day that a Government Minister pops round to your office and spends an hour enjoying a cup of tea and an informal chat.

Fergus Bailie and Caroline Nokes(CDS CEO, Fergus Bailie meets Government Minister, Caroline Nokes at CDS.)

The Minister met our CEO, Fergus Bailie and our COO, Philip Walter, as well as team members responsible for delivering solutions to the Cabinet Office and wider Government. 

CEO, Fergus Bailie said: “We were delighted to welcome Government Minister for Resilience and Efficiency, Caroline Nokes to CDS. It was a privilege to share with her the ground breaking work our talented team have done, supporting Government and improving the lives of every citizen in the UK.

“During 2017 we have been involved in helping to coordinate emergency services responding to floods and major domestic incidents, transformed the way that Londoners report crime, improved e-learning technology delivery for the Army and helped councils and Central Government save millions of pounds, whilst ensuring their messages continue to engage.”

“The Minister was incredibly engaged in our work and it was great to hear about her plans for her portfolio at the Cabinet Office in the years to come.” 

The visit was covered by the Yorkshire Post here, and on BBC Radio as well as Global Radio channels.

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