CDS buy three new defibrillators to help save lives

CDS is pleased to announce that we have recently purchased three new Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

DefibrillatorsWe will have one each at our Aylesbury, Leeds and Cheltenham offices and we have registered them all with HeartSafe.

Each year seven million people die worldwide by Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). With immediate treatment from a defibrillator machine many lives are saved.

Many defibrillators are available in public places such as train stations, shopping centres, airports and workplaces. Having easy access to a defibrillator is vital in saving someone’s life.

The HeartSafe website has an online tool where you can search for your nearest defibrillator machine.

Local Ambulance Trusts also have access to HeartSafe so they can direct people to the machines when ambulances are delayed, giving people a greater chance of surviving a cardiac arrest.

At our offices in:

  • Aylesbury, there is only one publicly listed AED – the CDS machine will be the second
  • Cheltenham, there are two publicly listed AED machines, but none near our office. The CDS support machine will be the third listed machine (subject to approval)
  • Leeds, there are three publicly listed AED machines but none listed near our office. The CDS machine will be the fourth machine listed on the HeartSafe map

CDS are also training up to eight people on each site who can perform quality CPR and use the defibrillator effectively in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest facts

  • SCA is unpredictable, it strikes without warning, killing 250 people a day in the UK
  • SCA kills more people than lung cancer, breast cancer and AIDs combined
  • SCA does not discriminate – it can happen to the young, fit and old – anyone, anywhere at any time
  • Together with effective CPR, defibrillation is the only way to re-establish the heart’s natural rhythm

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