CDS volunteer at local homeless charity, St George's Crypt

CDS staff recently swapped their day jobs to volunteer at our 2019 corporate charity, St George’s Crypt


St George’s Crypt provides 24/7 emergency accommodation as well as rehabilitation for men and women who are homeless or sleeping rough in Leeds. They also provide services to Leeds General Infirmary and St James’ hospitals.

One of the CDS volunteers, Edd, said: “The day surprised me greatly. There are many kind and giving people in the world and a good proportion of them are at St George’s Crypt ensuring there is always someone there to catch those who have fallen a long way from where they wish to be in life. A worthy charity to support indeed.” 

Another CDS volunteer, Jonathan, said: “It was a great opportunity to help this fantastic charity that supports some of the most vulnerable people in our city. I found it a humbling experience that I will remember for many years to come.”

Another volunteer, Neil, said: “I was quite tired at the end of our four-hour shift, I was glad to get back to the office and have a sit-down! All in all, a very rewarding experience.”


“I had little idea what to expect when I arrived at St George’s Crypt and was keeping my mind open and ready to do whatever they needed me to do on the day. 

I ended up in the Kitchen group which suited me – I love cooking and serving food for people. The head chef was agreeably gruff and no-nonsense, so we just did what we were told, which at first was to slice a vast pile of carrots for the evening meal. 

I do a lot of cooking at home, but I’ve never cut enough vegetables to make my hands hurt, so I guess I’m more of a lightweight than I thought.

After the carrots it was time to serve the food, so we formed a three-course power trio, with me responsible for the pudding of fruit pie and custard. 

Once people started to come in to be fed the time flew by, and I really enjoyed the chat and appreciation so many of the diners had for pudding. 

At the end of service, we served the remaining food up as seconds (memories of school dinners for me), and the remaining fruit pie didn’t last long! 

After that, it was cleaning up, both in the kitchen and dining room and so good to see such teamwork, with all volunteers chipping in. 

It was a great opportunity to help this fantastic charity that supports some of the most vulnerable people in our city.”


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