Technical documentation success for MAN Truck and Bus

CDS Defence Support and MAN Truck and Bus celebrated the successful delivery of a full suite of Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs) for all variants in the Support Vehicle Programme

In February 2013, CDS Defence Support, along with five other Technical Documentation companies, was asked to give presentations on the feasibility of delivering a full suite of AESPs in support of the MOD’s 7,500 fleet of MAN Trucks. Following this presentation, MAN carried out a down-select process, eliminating three of the companies before moving to a competitive tender process. As part of that process, CDS was awarded the contract in July 2013.

The size of the challenge

Keith Major, Commercial Manager, MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd said: “CDS Defence Support went above and beyond what was required and their meticulous attention to detail gave us great assurance that they would meet all requirements asked of them, including the mitigation of risk within the project.”

The requirement involved taking three main sources of technical data and combining them together to give an accurate and safe suite of AESPs. Approximately 40,000 pages and 1800 Data Modules of information were amended, verified, validated and reformatted into the new suite, in readiness to be uploaded onto Tech Docs On-Line (TDOL).

The three main sources of information were:

  • Existing Trilogi-based Data Modules
  • MAN internal MCOTS manuals
  • Existing MOD AESP suite

Delivering success

In September 2014, CDS delivered the full suite of AESPs for all variants within the Support Vehicle Programme ahead of time and within budget. These are now being used to operate, maintain and support the MAN SV fleet worldwide.

MAN is responsible for providing and supporting the fleet of in-service support vehicles to the MOD. The family of support vehicles built by MAN include:

  • 6-tonne
  • 9-tonne
  • 15-tonne
  • 5-tonne EPLS
  • Unit Support Tanker (UST)
  • 32-tonne Recovery Vehicle
  • Recovery Trailer

Richard Bradley, CDS Defence Support Director, said: “Our expert team worked tirelessly on this challenging project and we’re delighted to have delivered it ahead of schedule and on budget.”

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