The Girl Who Climbed Everest

Lessons learned facing up to the world's toughest mountains

Bonita Norris

We sat on the edges of our seats listening to Bonita Norris' talk of how she went from novice climber to standing on top of Mt Everest in only two years, at the age of 22.

Her tenacity, determination and bravery in pursuing her bold dream are genuinely inspiring. Bonita was our guest speaker at our annual Sales Kick-off summit.

She described crossing seemingly bottomless crevices, in the Khumbu Icefall, on wobbly, broken ladders lashed together with rope, just after trying to calm the voice in her head saying, "you're clumsy, you're going to fall and die."

Bonita Norris

Bravery in the moment is one thing but getting up every morning for more than five months and cold calling companies to raise the £50,000 she needed for the Everest expedition is another type of gruelling endurance test she faced.

Bonita's talk was heart-warming, authentic and humorous. She told of the lessons she learnt which included, trusting marginal gains and learning to push past the point of giving up. 

Bonita said, "What I've learned from climbing mountains is that we can push ourselves far beyond what we think we are capable of, and it's outside of our comfort zones that the most amazing things happen."

The story she told resonated with the team at CDS because her values and our values as a company: Tenacity, Togetherness, Integrity, Challenging and Curiosity, were perfectly aligned.

Bonita is the author of The Girl Who Climbed Everest: Lessons learned facing up to the world's toughest mountains.

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