Why we work at CDS

Have you ever asked yourself why you do your job? How many times at a party has someone asked what you do or where? They rarely ask why.

FergusThe answer to the ‘why we do it‘ question is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It drives us each day to surpass our customers’ expectations.

Why do we come to work at CDS? Wages? Well, sure that’s a given. Professional pride and job satisfaction? Absolutely! But why here? Why CDS? What keeps us coming back every day, committing our time, effort, energy and emotion? Well, here’s the why for me. It’s because of our talented teams and the services they provide on projects that matter.

The work we do with our clients saves people’s lives. It changes people’s lives. It helps make our country a safer place to live. It helps foster kids find homes. It keeps soldiers in the front line safe. It gets people to their jobs on time, keeps cities moving. It inspires change in our society.

Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone? We are helping the UK’s efforts to fight the spread of this deadly virus. Any time there’s an emergency in the UK which requires a coordinated emergency response? We’re involved. Reduce crime in London, Essex, Northamptonshire, Kent? Check. Soldiers safeguarding British interests all over the world? We’re supporting them. Barely a day goes past that we aren’t involved in the stories that make the headlines.

Our team members are an integral part of the UK’s infrastructure. They save and improve people’s lives, every day. You may not see them on the news but they’re there, behind the scenes, making the things happen that we all count on.

For me, that’s why.

Fergus Bailie
Chief Executive

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