An effective, quick and efficient access to a compliant framework

Wider Public Sector organisations with a Print and Digital Solution requirement who need a fully compliant and quick route to market, where the complex OJEU process has already been completed – look no further…


The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Framework RM3785 offers all Public Sector organisations the ability to source a fully-managed, end-to-end print and digital solution that includes associated services; such as design, storage, fulfilment and distribution, postal dispatch, scanning and stock management. 

The Framework RM3785 offers a compliant, straightforward, quick and cost-effective route to market.

Using the existing framework is quicker and less resource intensive than running your own separate OJEU process. With RM3785, the first stage of the procurement process has already been completed.

Here to help with pre-market engagement

Organisations can hold a supplier day inviting the framework suppliers to visit them, to help understand the alternative solutions and options available to meet requirements.

The framework encourages dialogue between organisations and the suppliers to gain a complete understanding of the requirement. 

Organisations need not take the full solution available on the framework. You can select the specific services you need.

This approach significantly improves the quality of the competition and responses. Ultimately it improves contract performance.

Further competition – how it works

Organisations carry out a further competition (mini-tender) with the small group of framework suppliers. On completion of the further competition both the organisation and the chosen supplier will sign a formal call off contract. The call off contract template is available online. You can tailor it to meet your own requirement.

Organisations manage their own call-off contracts – if necessary, they may liaise with CCS for Support. 

Accessing the Framework couldn’t be more straightforward.

Interested? For more information visit our page all about the Crown Commercial Services Framework, email David Burton at CDS, or call 0113 399 4000 and we will do what we can to help.

CDS is one of six framework suppliers.

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We are delighted to have secured a further framework contract win with Crown Commercial Services (CCS) and look forward to continuing the relationship. We’re proud of our work under the previous framework contract and keen to continue building on our successes.

David Burton

CDS CCS Framework Director