CDS complete complex print project

CDS has successfully completed one of our most complex print projects, all within an extremely tight deadline.

Print management for the MOD

CDS printed around one million colour pages across 11 different documents and delivered to 250 different distribution addresses.

The project was a complex document that our colleagues at CDS Defence Support were producing. Due to its sensitive nature, it was under strict embargo conditions. Nothing could be released until a specific date. All consignments had to reach their specific destination to 79 different addresses around the same time on the same day.

CDS had just a week to complete the project.

It became even more of a challenge

To add to the challenge the week we had to complete the project included a bank holiday.

All CDS staff who worked on the project stepped up and got the job done to ensure they met the deadline.

Thanks to excellent project management and good planning, the CDS team printed the final packs on schedule for distribution.

Adrian Brown, Director of Print Operations at CDS said: “It was one of the most complex, time pressured jobs we have ever undertaken. An enormous amount of time was taken up ensuring that hundreds of individual files and documents were painstakingly amalgamated and paginated correctly. We were confident from the outset that we could deliver what our customer needed but it still demonstrated a huge collective effort and spirit from within the two teams of CDS to make it happen. The Operations and Account Management teams worked tirelessly to finish it on time, and kept the client informed of progress throughout the project.”

The CDS Print and Defence Support teams worked closely together to ensure our client achieved their objectives.

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