CDS print expertise saves Surrey County Council £33,000

Surrey County Council’s contracted print management supplier, CDS, delighted the council by using its print expertise to save £33,000 per year on the production of the council’s residents magazine (a 25% saving!).

The magazine, Surrey Matters, is an important communication channel for the council. The council publishes three issues per year.

Local authorities across the UK are under constant pressure to make savings. Surrey County Council had initially targeted a saving of £3,000 per issue. However, CDS print managers used their expertise to examine the technical production requirements and then proposed a range of options balancing the requirements of the brief with cost. As a result, the council chose one of CDS’ recommended options and was able to save £33,000 per year.

Richard Neale from Surrey Council said: “Thanks again for looking into this, great job on finding such big savings, … everyone is really happy.”

CDS Creative and Print director, David Burton said: “Our approach to print management is different to the industry’s standard approach, which is to reduce print costs through buying print as cheaply as possible. The difference is that our print management team are not only experts in buying; they are also expert in print production methods. They will challenge their client’s brief. If there is a more efficient, environmentally friendly or cost effective way to produce a printed product, CDS will identify it and propose it to our client. The savings on Surrey Matters is a perfect example of this approach.”

CDS is the contracted supplier to thirteen local authorities in the UK, including a number of smaller authorities that buy through the larger authority’s contracts. On average the company delivers year-on-year savings of 20% on print budgets. Its focus is on helping Local Authorities to provide more value to tax payers, using a combination of expertise and technology to control spend and improve the effectiveness of printed and digital communications.

Procurement professionals in the UK public sector, including Health, Local Government, Devolved Administrations, Education and Not for Profit organisations interested in looking at CDS as a potential supplier can make substantial procurement savings by using Crown Commercial Service (CCS) contracts as their procurement route for a competitive tender under the Crown Commercial Services framework agreement RM1687.

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