How print management can ease brand dilution in universities and higher education colleges

Brand dilution

Developing a brand, identity and persona for a university and higher education college is time-consuming and costly. Once created, the challenge is to ensure that it is applied consistently across all printed collateral and communication touch points.

Universities and colleges with many faculties, internal departments and print users can find it difficult to get true visibility and a central viewpoint on how their brand is used, especially when print is originated and sourced by many different personnel and output through an 'uncontrolled' group of print companies.

CDS can help beat brand dilution

A print management company like CDS will act as your ‘brand guardian’ and offer a range of innovative online technologies to assist with the accessibility, control, compliance and delivery of your brand across all users.

Also, by working closely with marketing and procurement teams, print management experts develop a clear understanding of how the brand should be used and applied to each piece of printed collateral.

This ensures consistency across all items sourced and produced.

We offer access to innovative online brand management technologies too.

These include digital asset management solutions as well as online artwork generation and print procurement technologies based on pre-approved and brand compliant templates.

North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC) let a Print Solutions Framework PRI 3070 with a specific Print Management (Neutral Vendor) solution – Lot 11. The framework is open to members of all the university purchasing groups – NWUPC; NEUPC; SUPC; LUPC and HEPCW.

David BurtonIf you'd like to discover more how CDS and the NWUPC Print Solutions Framework can help improve your university's brand management and print expenditure, please get in touch.

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