Is your print spend under control?

Out of control

Large organisations need to be aware of the risks around fragmented print purchasing

Different buyers, from different departments, purchasing from different suppliers is a high-risk strategy.

How can choosing a partner/supplier like CDS, capable of providing a full print management service, mitigate the risks? You would:

  • only need to work with a single point of contact for all print related services
  • ensure control, approval and consistent monitoring of suppliers
  • ensure brand consistency and compliance with quality standards
  • receive transparent and accurate financial reporting of print spend across all departments
  • gain accurate stock control and timely replenishment of collateral, minimising tied-up capital and waste

Working with CDS combats inexperienced and ineffective purchasing

Print is often seen as a low priority. Ordering is delegated to junior personnel who may have little knowledge of print resulting in inefficient purchasing. Print is a technical subject and requires specific knowledge of the optimum production processes in order to deliver best value.

Inexperienced personnel are asked to face the challenges associated with selecting suppliers, securing print quotes and negotiating production schedules.

How can these challenges be resolved? Working with a company that has highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced print buyers who can identify the key characteristics of any print job and choose the right printer for the job is an excellent place to begin.

CDS can request a quote any of their 150+ vetted suppliers, to ensure the job is produced in the most cost-efficient way. This is the only way to deliver best value and consistently high quality within a deadline driven environment.

CDS offers advice and an agnostic approach to reducing a university's or HE college’s print spend by recommending alternative materials, different specifications or, when appropriate, a digital alternative.

Resolving non-conformities or wrongly printed work is also much easier. CDS can effectively diagnose the cause and implement the necessary remedial action to resolve issues quickly with the minimum amount of fuss and delay.

How do you engage a supplier with the right print management service credentials? It’s easy. North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC) let a Print Solutions Framework PRI 3070 with a specific Print Management (Neutral Vendor) solution – Lot 11. The framework is open to members of all the university purchasing consortiums – NWUPC; NEUPC; SUPC; LUPC and HEPCW.

David BurtonIf you'd like to discover more how CDS and the NWUPC Print Solutions Framework can help improve your university's brand management and print expenditure, please get in touch.

David Burton – Principle Account Director, Public Sector

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