Middlesex University wins another award

We are delighted to announce that our client, Middlesex University, has received another award for their visionary approach to the development of a fully integrated digitisation and managed print service.

Middlesex University was commended in the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA) Award for Excellence. The UCISA is an awarding body representing the whole of the higher education (HE) sector, and increasingly further education, in the provision and development of academic, management and administration systems.

UCISA wrote:

“Their submission focussed on a number of institution wide initiatives which had, at their core, the development of a fully integrated digitisation and managed print service. The panel noted that this was a significant initiative which required a cultural change within the University in addition to the technical solutions being implemented. In particular, the panel considered the digital mail element of the initiative – where incoming post is scanned using barcode technology and delivered via a bespoke software package – as particularly innovative.”


CDS’ positive contribution

Since 2010 CDS has worked in partnership with Middlesex University to developed a market leading solution that blends technology and expertise to help the university achieve its vision of moving away from a traditional paper based systems and to become a digitally enhanced, paper free environment.

Key aims:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce overheads
  • Enhance user experience
  • Improve the overall process and information accessibility
  • Promote real financial savings through paper and energy consumption
  • Better utilisation of physical space.


Project highlights

Project highlights include rationalising Middlesex University’s 1,177 print and copy assets down to a fleet of 81 Multi-Functional Devices (MFD’s), a staggering 93% reduction!

Middlesex University was also the first university in the UK to offer free student printing and copying for academic use to all students.

Key facts:

Within the first few months of launch:

  • Printer-scanner copiers eliminated 227 kilos of greenhouse gases from being produced and implementation of automatic double sided print saves on average seven trees.
  • 31,175 items have been received and scanned through the digital mail room, equating to a saving of 41.11 kilos of paper.
  • Physical boxes of information held on site were down from 220 to 60.
  • Documents stored increased by approximately 30%, to over 700,000.
  • The number of users accessing and actively using the system grew to over 1100 - an increase of 65%.
  • Effective document searches increased 27%, to 36,500 per month
  • The system was actively processing in excess of 15,000 uploads per month.
  • More than 146,000 sheets of paper were scanned, drastically reducing the number of files on site and providing efficient access to archived records.

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