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Looking for a completely flexible print framework contract that allows you to select only the services you want?

If you’re part of the public sector or wider public sector, check out RM3785 below or and

Organ stops

Why compromise on a framework arrangement that offers no flexibility? 

Like the stops on an organ, surely what you need is a procurement vehicle that allows you to select only the stops you require to generate the required solution and perhaps, the ability to change your selection as you move from traditional printed output to a mix of print and digital multi-channel output.

Crown Commercial Service Framework RM3785 (Managed Print and Digital Solutions) provides a framework contract for Managed Print and Digital Solutions that offers complete flexibility within a defined range of services, without the pressure of taking the ‘job lot’ if not required. But of course, there is nothing to stop you selecting Organo Pleno (definition – Full Organ) if it is the full specification that suits you and your organisation, and in these circumstances, the results can be phenomenal!

The RM3785 specification:

  • Print and paper products, e.g. envelopes, labels, wallets, folders
  • Pre-production services, e.g. proofs, print-ready artwork, artwork for online templates, basic design and artwork, page layout, photograph retouching, typesetting, proofreading, translation services etc
  • Operational print
  • Security print including personnel
  • Large format and wide print
  • Direct mail and transactional print
  • Media duplication
  • Full range of finishing services
  • Scanning and microfiche
  • Digital asset management
  • Database management
  • Stock management
  • Storage, fulfilment and distribution
  • Digital solutions

Select one, multiples or all the above – whatever suits.

RM3785 additionally offers:

  • An EU-compliant, quick and easy route to procurement
  • Savings (track record of over 25% savings on annual budget spend)
  • An open and transparent trading partner
  • Help, advice and consultancy on print, digital and multi-channel options
  • A thoroughly evaluated, experienced and trusted specialist supplier
  • Strategic transition from print to digital
  • Account manager supported by an expert team to engage with you and help define your needs
  • A secure Cyber Plus certified supplier with best of breed Management Systems
  • Access to vetted and tested print suppliers

Interested? For more information visit our webpage all about CCS RM3785, or visit the CCS Agreements website.

Alternatively, contact David Burton by email or phone (0113 399 4000) if you would like to discuss further, or arrange a meeting.

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