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Transactional print is a term used to describe a print process whereby similar documents are populated with variable data supplied via a database. Commonly used for utility bills, revenues and benefits, council tax and marketing literature.

The challenge of dealing with transactional print in a Local Authority

Joe, the print manager runs an in-house Local Authority print unit. He struggles to meet the requirements of colleagues, particularly in the Revs and Bens Department to print and distribute a significant number of personalised letters.  

Joe together with his small team has always heroically completed the task, although often at the expense of other more regular, core print projects. He has had to rely on the good-will of his staff. His big problem is the lack of the right equipment and the equipment he does have is old and prone to breaking down. The Authority is under budget pressure, so further investment is not on the cards.

Since the introduction of GDPR, he has to be even more careful with handling and managing personal data, and what happens to that data once print jobs are finished.  
He knows that his organisation is paying too much for postage because of the comparatively low daily volumes. He can’t get bulk mailing discounts. It doesn’t stop there, he and his colleagues in the post room have to deal with numerous postal returns, primarily because the data supplied is often out of date. 

Joe realises he needs a single reliable solution to overcome all of these transactional print problems. A solution that will allow him to focus on what he and the print unit team are good at – their core business – critical to helping meet the service requirements of his many internal customers.  

How CDS can help Joe and how we can also help you

CDS has the expertise and experience to take the stress and strain away from Joe altogether. We can provide a completely scalable service via our own production facility or through trusted partners.

CDS can receive electronic data via a secure feed or network ensuring secure processing of information and sanity check the information for completeness and format. Specialist data cleansing tools are used to review personal data and identify names and addresses that may be inaccurate. This saves on postage costs and can dramatically reduce the burden of dealing with returns.  

If Joe and his customers need templates designed for the insertion of personal data, our design services are there to provide the solution.  

Production using the most up-to-date digital print, finishing and inserting/enveloping equipment ensures the quick and efficient turnaround of Joe’s work and as a result of volumes produced by CDS, discounts received on postage can be passed on to Joe for the benefit of his organisation. Joe need not worry about accuracy. CDS’ systems provide in-line validation and a comprehensive automated ‘check’, which quickly identifies and isolates incorrect information.

Unit costs for postage are considerably reduced as a result of Royal Mail discounts. Joe and his organisation will benefit from discounts achieved by CDS based on the considerable volume of mail we process each day. A typical Local Authority would not easily produce sufficient mail to meet the discount requirements.

When the mailing is complete, all personal data is removed from CDS’s systems to fully comply with GDPR regulations. Joe does not have to worry about the data anymore.

There are also other benefits for Joe. CDS has all the necessary management systems and accreditations including ISO 27001 (Information Security Management); ISO 9001 (Quality Management);

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management) and we are holders of Cyber Essentials PLUS. 

We have helped many Local Authorities across the UK meet similar challenges. 

Take Action

Central Government and Wider Public Sector Clients

If you and your organisation are considering a solution for your transactional print requirements, the CCS Framework (defined below), could be a good vehicle for you. It avoids the onerous processes linked to the OJEU. 

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Framework RM3785 offers all Public Sector organisations the flexibility to source a fully-managed, end-to-end print and digital solution that includes associated services, such as design, storage, fulfilment and distribution, postal dispatch, scanning and stock management. The Framework offers a compliant, straightforward, quick, cost-efficient and direct route to market.

For more information please see:




CDS is an approved Lot 2 Framework supplier offering a bespoke, tailored and competed solution to your requirements.

Other Public Sector framework call-off contracts are also available through CDS. Talk to us first to find the best procurement route.

Private Sector Clients

Please get in touch to speak with one of our experts or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in greater detail. We tailor solutions to meet all requirements.

More about CDS

David BurtonCDS are a communications agency. We apply intelligent thinking to transform communications and experiences across creative, digital, print and technology.

Our solutions continue to take the pain away from clients as we introduce simple and efficient processes designed to ease many of the burdens associated with comms, marketing materials and the storage of mass files and paper.  We have the ambition, vision and capability to support you in your future print and digital communication requirements both in-bound and out-bound.

If you have a similar requirement to those identified here and need great results from a company that understands both the Public and Private Sectors, please get in touch with me via LinkedIn messenger or call me on 0113 399 4000

David Burton

Principal Account Director (Public Sector) 

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