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Unified approach to print brings Essex County Council significant savings

Essex savings

We’ve been involved with Essex County Council since 2001 and I am delighted that along the way we have made substantial improvements to the whole provision of the print requirement. This article demonstrates just what can be achieved under a Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework Contract and the various services that can be provided.

Essex County Council’s existing print solution was fragmented making it difficult to deliver efficiencies and savings to the Authority. This also limited potential for improvements that could be made by taking a more unified approach, including the use of technology and innovation. The Council decided to appoint a single strategic supplier under a relevant CCS Print Framework who would manage their print services and work proactively to support the delivery of:

  • Substantial savings
  • A quality customer service solution with design and print experts on hand to offer both technical and savings advice
  • Deliver economies of scale by working proactively with stakeholders using the mandated print contract
  • A high standard of environmental awareness and responsibility, actively encouraging the use of environmentally friendly products and solutions
  • Develop a local supply chain to support the Essex economy
  • A resilient eBusiness solution which would form a platform for future development

Our solution

CDS was appointed as the Council’s strategic print partner under the CCS Framework and offered a holistic solution to unify all the Council’s print services. The results were reduced administration, improved purchasing efficiency and cost savings substantiated by detailed management information.

The steps we took to deliver this solution included TUPE transferring the Council’s reprographics and design and word-processing staff, integrating them with existing CDS print managers to create a new on-site team to handle all the Council’s print, reprographics and design requirements.

CDS equipped and staffed a modern on-site digital reprographics facility to work alongside the print management team removing any previous conflict of interest between the two independent operations.

The concept of a triage service introduced by CDS ensures that every job is assessed and directed to the most appropriate and efficient production route to deliver best value.

What has been achieved:

  • Unified system saved £500K in the first year and now delivers cost savings to the Council of more than 10% a year – equating to £250K a year
  • 75% of the available print work is placed with local suppliers who met CDS’ high standards and fulfilled our stringent vetting process
  • Consolidated buying power means more competitive prices
  • Our expert advice and ‘can do’ attitude ensures jobs are delivered to quality, on time and to budget
  • CDS provides a resilient service – if one printer is unable to meet a deadline, other vetted printers are on hand to take over
  • By taking a strategic approach, CDS works with the Council in a true, open, honest and transparent partnership towards shared goals
  • The contract provides users with a more efficient and rewarding experience when buying print and related services

About CCS

David BurtonThe CCS works with departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. The CCS goal is to become the ‘go-to’ place for expert commercial and procurement services.

The CCS Framework RM3785 offers all public-sector organisations the flexibility to source a fully-managed, end-to-end print and digital solution that includes associated services, such as design, storage, fulfilment and distribution, postal dispatch, scanning and stock management. The Framework offers a compliant, straightforward, quick, cost-efficient and direct route to market.

Interested? For more information visit our page all about the Crown Commercial Services Framework, email David Burton at CDS, or call 0113 399 4000 and we will do what we can to help.

CDS is one of six framework suppliers.

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CDS streamlined our print services, helping us to work much more efficiently in this field, which has resulted in significant cost savings to the council every year. We have also been able to share these services with our public sector partners, which means we can contribute to a much wider goal – advancing cost-effective production methods across Local Government in general.

Phil Sweeting MCIPS, Category Manager

Essex County Council