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What do clients think of you, your organisation, your staff and the quality of products and services provided? At CDS we consistently see approval ratings in excess of 98% - A statistic we are very proud of.


How do we achieve this? Quick answer, we take our business seriously and we concentrate on the right things that really make a difference to our services and to our clients. 

For the purposes of this article, my focus is on the Print Management Service we provide and some of the drivers that single us out from the rest.


Our Print Managers are hand-picked by people who understand the role and what clients need and expect. Staff have actual Industry expertise whether that be print buying, press binding/finishing, pre-press or a mix of everything. But one thing is certain, with the exception of our apprentices we have taken, trained and retained, every single member of staff comes to us with a comprehensive knowledge of print and the print industry.

We are not print brokers

In my world, a print brokerage solution provides very little! It involves the receipt of an order and the placing of that order with a print supplier. End of story. The gap between a print broker and a print manager is huge. A print manager will work with you to find the best solution to your requirement; they will source the market for the best possible price inviting only suppliers who, in their view are capable of undertaking the work and providing a quality, timely and cost-efficient solution.

They will check artwork upon receipt, arrange for the provision of proofs (various formats), engage with the chosen supplier throughout the production process resolving any little issues along the way and they will do their very best to ensure that your product is delivered exactly as required – right quality, time and price.

We intervene

Our objective is to work with the client to achieve the best solution to fit the requirement. We seek to understand the purpose of the product and devise a specification that will meet that specific requirement. We advise against unnecessary ‘over specifying’ as inevitably, this introduces cost in an environment where cost efficiencies = savings. Good print managers will provide good account management which includes help and advice when required and ‘product re-engineering’ as appropriate to ensure your money is well spent and that ultimately, you get a product that is completely fit for purpose.

An excellent supply chain

Poor quality print suppliers, may be ‘cheap as chips’ but will they be reliable; will they go the extra mile (when necessary); will the product be ‘fit for purpose’ and will they be there the next time you need them? We don’t take these risks. Our print suppliers are properly ‘vetted’ by our CIPS trained Supplier Manager and our interest centres around:

  1. Financial stability
  2. Prices in line with market
  3. Good process and management systems
  4. Good working conditions and working relations with staff
  5. Insurances – public/professional indemnity etc
  6. Quality control
  7. Data handling arrangements

Sourcing of materials – only from managed/sustainable sources

Client discrimination

Your spend may not equate to millions but you should be able to expect a good level of attention and service. Bad print managers may only want to focus on large spending clients and you and your contract may not get the level of attention it needs.

Dedicated staff who know the contract inside-out

We avoid any central pool of staff servicing the account. Ask yourself how any print manager can gain experience and knowledge of you, your colleagues, their requirements and your organisation if they only deal with you on an infrequent basis. We feel it is best that you are assigned named contacts and work with a team who are completely familiar with the requirement because they deal with it on a regular basis.

If you and your organisation are looking to put a print management solution in place and, you are in Central Government or the Wider Public Sector, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Framework, could be a good vehicle for you avoiding the onerous processes linked to the OJEU.

The CCS Framework RM3785 offers all Public-Sector organisations the flexibility to source a fully-managed, end-to-end print and digital solution that includes associated services, such as design, storage, fulfilment and distribution, postal dispatch, scanning and stock management. The framework offers a compliant, straightforward, quick, cost-efficient and direct route to market.

Ten reasons to choose CCS Framework RM3785:

  1. Significant savings on print are (and have been) delivered
  2. Transparent pricing models, open and honest trading
  3. Fully managed bespoke print and digital solutions
  4. EU compliant
  5. Efficient, easy access and short procurement process
  6. Supplier engagement to help you define and fine-tune the requirement
  7. Pre-agreed T’s and C’s offer sound contractual safeguards
  8. Six framework suppliers fully scrutinised and evaluated
  9. All suppliers have all key management systems including Cyber Essentials Plus
  10. Excellent Account Management capability provides access to help, advice, product engineering and consultancy.

David Burton

Interested? For more information visit our page all about the Crown Commercial Services Framework, email David Burton at CDS, or call 0113 399 4000 and we will do what we can to help.

CDS is one of the six framework suppliers.

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