TfL Start Your Journey Project

TfL Start Your Journey product shots 

The ‘Start Your Journey’ project was part of the Stars Safety and Citizenship TFL Community Project. A Pocket 8 x 3 Alpha Classic Card which was to be issued to all year 6 pupils in the 33 London Boroughs on behalf of TFL and the office of the Mayor of London. The work was commissioned by CDS, the communications agency contracted to manage all of TfL’s printed communications.

The purpose of the card was to assist and advise pupils on safe travel, be it by train, bus, cycling or walking as they made the transition to the next phase of their education. Once printed and finished, the cards were fulfilled into boxes in specified quantities for each school and, along with a letter to the Headteacher, addressed and delivered to the schools.

The paper used to print the inners and covers for the Alpha Cards was sourced from FSC certified sustainable forestry stocks to ensure that, in addition to providing an engaging, compact and retainable product to help students on their journeys, the impact on the environment was positive too.

The z-folding Alpha Cards were in 33 different versions, one for each Borough, containing a map specific to that Borough on one side and generic information and advice about travel for the pupils on the other, with Borough specific covers. In total 110,025 cards were produced which were then delivered to over two thousand schools. From the approval of the artwork to the delivery of the finished product, the entire project was completed in under two working weeks.

Not only was the project regarded as complex with the multiple versions of covers and inserts and varying fulfilment quantities, but it also had a tight deadline which ensured that the cards were delivered to all schools before the end of the summer term, so that pupils had peace of mind and guidance when travelling to their new schools in September. 

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We are delighted to have secured a further framework contract win with Crown Commercial Services (CCS) and look forward to continuing the relationship. We’re proud of our work under the previous framework contract and keen to continue building on our successes.

David Burton

CDS CCS Framework Director