What we learned from Printweek live

Some would say that print has had its day as an effective communications channel!

PrintWeek liveHowever, having visited Printweek live recently, I can assure you that print is very much alive and kicking and more importantly, is embracing and harmonising with some innovative technologies. 

We all appreciate that print is just one part of the overall communications mix. What it can do by partnering with advancing technologies including Augmented Reality (AR), QR codes, Documobi and Near Field Communication is provide a tangible link and conduit to our wider digital channels for a more fully optimized communications solution and approach. 

Combine this with data and content driven personalisation still makes print a very viable and excellent option to drive improved marketing campaign performance and ROI across all channels. 

At CDS, we focus on what’s going to deliver the best outcome for our clients and leverage the right channel or channels to deliver this.

We’d love to hear about your own communications needs and challenges so do get in touch.

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