Why choose CDS?

Looking for a framework arrangement that provides a Managed Print and Digital Solution and an organisation that understands public sector?


Print? Digital Solutions? Transition? Multi-channel/Omni channel output? – It’s all about communications; B2B and B2C. Most importantly, it should be about effective and efficient communications.

Messages should be clear, concise and accessible and they must reach out to everyone intended regardless of age, ethnic origin or capability. This is what we do.

Whilst considering this article, it also occurs to me that, given our current contract base of Central Government, Wider Public Sector, Quasi Public Sector and Private Clients and the range of various services including business applications we provide across these sectors, the work we do probably touches every single person across the UK in one way or another. Wow! This is a sobering thought which also comes with a significant burden of responsibility.

If I were to sum CDS up in a sentence it would be that ‘we are communication professionals making a huge difference as we help you communicate to your intended audience.’  

We are a multi-award winning communications company employing 160 people across nine locations. Every day, we are trusted by our clients to help them reach the citizens of the United Kingdom and beyond, across both print and digital channels. 

We can support your business growth by making your communications more effective, whilst delivering the commercial efficiencies you need for your business to succeed. Take a look at some of the results we have achieved and consider the positive difference we are making to people’s lives.

David Burton

Interested in working with a company like ours? For more information email David Burton at CDS, or call 0113 399 4000 and we will do what we can to help.

CDS are one of six suppliers on the Government's Crown Commercial Services Framework.

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