Working in partnership

We all like to think that we work with our clients in partnership but in reality, what does this really mean and what are the true benefits of a partnership relationship?

PartnershipI started thinking about the ‘ingredients’ of a partnership relationship and anticipated only a handful of key components. However, the more I thought, the greater the list has become (brain-dump and not presented in any particular order):

  • Regular engagement
  • Frank communications
  • Collaborative
  • Dedicated
  • Quality provider
  • Compromise
  • No surprises
  • Understanding and appreciation of each organisation’s strategic focus
  • Fair-play
  • Prompt payment and action when things fall behind
  • Progress throughout the term of the arrangement
  • Sharing of technological improvements and innovation
  • Efficiencies – cost and process
  • Sharing the benefits
  • Profitable arrangement
  • Ronseal effect 
  • Transparent trading
  • Trusted
  • Sustainable
  • Passionate
  • Accredited
  • Diplomatic and diligent
  • Added value

In my view, the key to an effective and long-lasting partnership is regular engagement – planned contract and governance meetings where communications are frank, there are no surprises and solutions to issues are based on compromise demonstrating fair-play to all parties. 

Both parties have a good understanding of the other party and their individual strategic focuses and aim to work collaboratively to help achieve them. Dedication to the arrangement/contract is measured by the passionate way you and the team deliver added value to the quality services provided and the ‘Ronseal’ way in which you can be relied upon to do everything you say you will do.

Your focus is on both cost and process efficiencies; your drive is to progress the contract throughout the contract term by seeking out and implementing technological improvement and innovation and sharing the benefits ensuring continued profitability. You are trusted and respect for both organisations is mutual. You behave professionally at all times and are both diligent and diplomatic.

Trading is completely transparent and you support a supply-base that remains sustainable because payment is made promptly by all parties. As an organisation, you are accredited with key management systems and certifications that provide the partnership with complete peace of mind.

If you and your organisation need further convincing that a partnership relationship and a Print Management solution would be a good option and you are in Central Government or the Wider Public Sector, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Framework could be a good vehicle for you avoiding the onerous processes linked to the OJEU.

David BurtonThe CCS Framework RM3785 offers all Public-Sector organisations the flexibility to source a fully-managed, end-to-end print and digital solution that includes associated services, such as design, storage, fulfillment and distribution, postal dispatch, scanning and stock management. The framework offers a compliant, straightforward, quick, cost-efficient and direct route to market.

Interested? For more information email David Burton at CDS, or call 0113 399 4000 and we will do what we can to help. CDS is one of the six framework suppliers.

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