Video interview: Using data to manage your property and estate assets

Michael Stephens, Head of Asset Intelligence at CDS Digital, talks about why organisations in the built environment sector need independent data analysis.

In this video blog, Mike Stephens discusses why now is the right time to move to a more holistic way of managing your property and estate assets. Taking advantage of the way the Fourth Industrial Revolution is enabling a much greater use of smart technologies and with leaders who are brave enough to push for and take advantage of freely available data to provide actionable analytics.

Michael Stephens on why organisations in the built environment sector need independent data analysis from CDS Digital on Vimeo.


00:10 s – manage assets in a holistic and intelligent way.
00:28 s – working from home?
00:36 s – the reasons why – P&L + business strategy + data availability.
01:29 s – the fourth industrial revolution.
02:08 s – actionable data.

4th Industrial revolution

02:23 s – assets and citizens generating data.
02:44 s – real time data.
02:52 s – lag between problem and solution is shortening.
03:13 s – can we used unstructured data?
03:50 s – patterns in data.

Who in your organisation should lead?

04:36 s – silos or data.
05:22 s – who is responsible for knitting data together?
05:45 s – who are the organisations who can help?
06:13 s – innovation in the UK property field.
06:45 s – independents are leading the way.
07:45 s – built environment sector needs to follow other sectors.


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