Inclusive marketing, website usability and accessibility audit

Inclusive marketing, website usability and accessibility audit

Let the agency that’s already making a positive difference help you do the right thing

We offer Inclusive Communications Consultancy. Our review will highlight what you’re already doing well...and what could be better.

It will include a competitor/peer analysis to see what you can learn from the rest of your sector.

And you’ll get a clear set of recommendations.

Then, CDS can help you even further with:

  • Accessibility consultancy
  • Assistive technology testing
  • Audience definition and needs analysis
  • Audience engagement and research
  • Brand review & baselining
  • Communications audit
  • Competitor, peer and sector analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Design and wireframe review
  • Stakeholder discovery
  • User testing
  • WCAG Website accessibility audit

Twenty years ago companies saw sustainability as a differentiator. It’s no longer a differentiator; it’s expected, and we’re now seeing that happen with inclusion, and that is great news for innovative businesses.

Marianne Waite

Think Designable

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Download the 2019 Inclusive Communications Report

Why doing the right thing is the right thing to do

Why doing the right thing is the right thing to do

The communications an organisation sends are a vital part in defining who they are, what they stand for, and how they want to engage with the world.

Inclusivity simply means no-one gets left behind. No-one’s excluded or marginalised.

That means...

+ every service

+ every product

+ every piece of information is available and accessible to ALL.

And that’s regardless of ability or disability, language, age or location.

What is inclusive communication?

Inclusive communication means every customer-facing output is available and accessible to every user, in the format they need and on the platform they want.

We have an opportunity to change the way that society thinks about inclusivity. By collaborating with diverse people, by considering their needs on every channel, and by reflecting their lives via communications, we have the power to make sure no consumer is left behind.

Download our 2019 Inclusive Communications Report to find out what people think about the communications they receive.

The practice or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those who have physical or mental disabilities and members of minority groups.

Inclusivity (noun)

Oxford Dictionaries definition

More statistics in inclusivity

Website accessibility consultancy

The UK has more than 10 million disabled people and an ageing population with increasing accessibility needs. As an established supplier to UK Government, we have a strong track record in delivering content that is inclusive and accessible to all.

We offer a range of services to ensure your websites and digital services meet accessibility requirements and comply with national and international legislation.

As well as technical accessibility auditing, our website accessibility consultancy service can help you make your services useable to everyone regardless of disability, device or assistive technology. We can help you embed accessibility into your delivery practices - design for accessibility, improve your code, consider your UX and create usable content that minimises the risk of disability discrimination and legal action.

Statistics on inclusivity

Develop an inclusive marketing strategy

For many brands, accessibility and inclusivity are issues on the periphery, but are becoming an increasingly important business driver.

There is both a legal and ethical obligation to prioritise inclusivity as customers begin to drive the conversation and increasingly demand organisations take action.

Despite this, very few organisations have developed an inclusive marketing strategy. Our inclusive marketing, website usability and accessibility audit is an opportunity to review the existing output and ensure communications are in a suitable format, with a message that delivers.