Content services

Our Content History

CDS’ history and development is steeped in content creation. When we were formed as a private company in 1994 virtually all our staff were content creators – editors, copywriters and technical authors. 

In an omnichannel world, content becomes even more important. Whilst best practice for content creation does vary slightly from channel-to-channel, organisations need to ensure a consistent customer experience regardless of the communication method. Consistently good content and appropriate tone of voice is at the heart of this consistent experience.

What you say, and how you say it, will have a significant impact on how you engage with your audiences. Good content helps you to inform, persuade and influence your customers – and it is also a critical element of your brand identity.

The easy read consultation questionnaire to develop our Equality Objectives and the subsequent booklet in easy read were excellent. The tailored pictures and content has improved our communication with our patients, and we were pleased with [CDS’] expertise and knowledge of producing information that could be easily read by a wide range of people.

Lesley Soden, Head of Equality & Human Rights

Central London Community Healthcare

Our content specialisms

As the customer’s choice of communication channels has grown and developed, so have our content specialisms.

We generate content for both specialist and general target audiences. We ensure clarity without diluting or misrepresenting key messages.

Working extensively with public sector organisations has ensured that we can communicate with the widest range of target audiences – applying best Plain English principles and developing content specialisms including CDS EasyRead©.

And, of course, we generate content for print, on-line and social media channels.