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CDS approached the project in a very logical and professional manner. First they carried out a wealth of background research and absorbed themselves in all the information we had on record. All this analysis fed into the definition and design phase of the new website, which helped focus their approach from the off. Each of the deliverables were completed on time and to the highest standard making the internal sign off problem free.

Richard Jenner, Web Strategy Manager

South West Water

CDS_South West Water

CDS: Digital partner of choice

Companies that understand their customers, can deal with regulatory requirements and are able to align their services and customer contact channels will become the winners in today’s fast changing marketplace.

CDS has a wealth of expertise at delivering communication services and acting as a digital partner for a growing portfolio of clients in the utility and national infrastructure sectors. These clients include South West Water, Pennon Group, the Environment Agency, National Rail Enquiries and Transport for London.

We offer a broad range of on and offline services designed to help you communicate and engage more effectively with your customers and staff.

TFL Mobile

Supporting your focus on customer satisfaction

With lead tables and financial penalties now common there is no place to hide. For many companies in the utilities and transport sector, the aspiration is to use digital as the business enabler to drive future customer and stakeholder engagements to transform a business.

This means adopting a customer-centric approach by gaining a greater understanding of your customers and improving the user experience. It also means:

  • developing multi-channel capability
  • improving content delivery, and
  • utilising customer data more effectively through integration with CRM systems to deliver a more personalised online customer experience.

It is proven that the companies which best understand the needs of their customers and are better able to align their services and customer contact channels will become the future winners in today’s marketplace.

Channel Shift: Responding to market changes

Whilst many transport and utility providers have a strong digital presence, more can be done to optimise user experience and remove friction points; creating a more compelling multi-channel customer experience that promotes self-service. This can have a number of business benefits, including helping to reduce the number of inbound calls, increasing customer satisfaction, improving SIM score and avoiding financial penalties.

The water sector is embarking on a new journey involving considerable change, most notably deregulation of the business market. Many commentators are recognising that these changes are some of the most significant since privatisation over 25 years ago.

This creates implications and opportunities for companies and consumers alike. Having the right partner in place to help you succeed in a new competitive marketplace and improving customer satisfaction will be key.

We recognise the need to transform our digital approach to help deliver a seamless customer experience to maximise our offer online. The work CDS carried out has really helped the business understand our online audience further and CDS have delivered visual designs that capture the ethos of the business and the overall needs of the customer.

Jo Ecroyd, Director of Domestic Customer Service

South West Water

CDS delivers UX review for Southwest Water

Case Study: South West Water

Launching a responsive site to support a key channel shift initiative

South West Water wanted to create a new responsive website with a design that used their brand to its full potential and help customers migrate to self-serve online.

Read the case study

South West Water Survey

Optimise Customer Experience

You will recognise a common view that you need to channel shift, even more customers, which is likely to be one of your KPIs. To achieve this, it is important you understand the profile of your customers, how they interact with you and their preferences and needs – commonly known as the user experience.

Using this data and knowledge helps to inform solution design. Optimised user journeys, placing the customer at the heart, is key to achieving channel shift success that enables digital to become the preferred channel of choice.

Customer expectations are also increasing rapidly which is creating pressure to deliver a more personalised experience and compete with the digital-first retailers. Many organisations are currently investigating how to integrate their CMS and CRM technologies and the development of content strategies to help get even closer to their customers.

Multi-channel engagement

Today, customers expect to be able to interact with companies using their communication channel of choice - via a mobile/tablet on the move, desktop computer at work, or through social media.

Understanding how your customers wish to interact and optimising the experience across all channels, is a key component of ensuring digital success. CDS recently worked with Pennon Group to design new brand guidelines that work across all channels to ensure a consistent brand experience.


Marketing distribution

As many organisations have multiple systems in place, the challenge we often see is in attempting to connect marketing technology systems and create the optimum marketing distribution platform that can support every customer touchpoint.

By optimising the flow of data, we can help reduce the cost to acquire, serve and get closer to your customers.


Internal communications

With a large and often disparate workforce, including a significant number of mobile employees, the need for businesses to efficiently communicate and engage through digital channels has never been more important. Having the capability to collaborate, utilise social channels, facilitate two-way communication and share information and knowledge across teams will be important components of your digital workplace strategy.

CDS has a wealth of experience and knowledge of delivering large-scale intranet solutions specifically designed for organisations with a large workforce.

With CDS as a partner we have created a solution that assists our marketing efforts in providing real demonstrable ROI and business benefits.

Daragh O’Reilly, Marketing Manager

Irish Ferries

Customers and Portfolio

We work with a variety of clients within a wide range of sectors.

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What people really wanted was a great Journey Planner, maps, live travel information, localised and personalised content – all on their device of choice. We needed to be great at catering for mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Phil Young

Head of Online at TfL

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