Competitive Digital Score: Water Industry Gap Analysis


Competitive Digital Score: An Introduction

CDS have developed our own benchmarking system to analyse digital performance.

This gap analysis has been applied to the water industry and measures each company’s digital profile across a number of key metrics to provide a comprehensive overview of performance.

Our benchmarking system enables us to compare brands against competitors, peers and brands from any industry.

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CDS delivering improved website experience for South West Water customers

Delivering an improved website experience for South West Water customers

We worked with South West Water to deliver a new, responsive website in 2017.

The South West Water Competitive Digital Score has improved from 46.6 to 69.3 following the work we have done - that's an improvement of 49%.


The work CDS carried out has really helped the business understand our online audience further and CDS have delivered visual designs that capture the ethos of the business and the overall needs of the customer.

Jo Ecroyd, Director of Domestic Customer Service

South West Water

Website Performance statistics

How is the Competitive Digital Score calculated?

The competitive Digital Score is calculated by looking at 3 separate metrics to analyse the digital performance of each brand in comparison to competitors and peers.

Metric 1: Performance

We use a variety of tools to analyse the performance of each water brand’s website (and app if applicable) to give a rounded view of the market, where each brand currently fits and where we think they can improve.

Stats measured include:

  • Site speed
  • App user ratings
  • SEO readiness
  • Website responsiveness
  • Domain authority
Social Media statistics

Metric 2: Social Media

For our social media analysis, we deep-dive into activity and engagement across Facebook and Twitter for each brand.

Stats measured include:

  • Size of following (in relation to customer base)
  • User engagement
  • Variation & quality of content published
  • Regularity of posts
Website Transactions statistics

Metric 3: Transactions

Here we measure some key user journeys and analyse the ease with which users can complete important transactions (for example submitting a meter reading)

Stats measured include:

  • Visibility of contact options and information
  • User log-in environment
  • Number of steps in key on-site forms
  • Self-service options available

Want to find out how to close the gap?

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