Implementing and demystifying reporting & analytics

Analytics Heatmap

Understand your business better

Many businesses repeat the same activities time after time, without ever really understanding how effective they are and where they can improve. Analytics is more than simply measuring traffic volumes and website behaviour.

With proper planning, we can help you to increase customer engagement, change user behaviour and increase conversions.

Analytics will help:

  • Drive marketing strategy and sell-in business cases
  • Marry up online and offline marketing activity
  • Obtain a single customer view
  • Understand which campaigns and channels are most effective
  • Generate leads and enquiries
  • Improve user experience and content surfacing
  • Change user behaviour and encourage customers to engage online
  • Effectively measure ROI

How to get started: CDS can help

Whether you need some help implementing analytics and tracking, or would like some advice around your current set-up, CDS can help.

We always take a consultative approach and work with you to come up with the best solution that meets your needs and budget.

Think of us as an extension to your existing marketing team – on hand to provide workshops, reports and training to get results.

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What people really wanted was a great Journey Planner, maps, live travel information, localised and personalised content – all on their device of choice. We needed to be great at catering for mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Phil Young

Head of Online at TfL

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