Mobile friendly solutions

We will develop the right solution for your business to ensure a good user-experience is guaranteed on all mobile devices, so content can be accessed, viewed and used effectively.

We understand that information is the energy that powers today’s businesses and this information is being consumed and utilised through multiple devices and channels. Ensuring mobile web users have a productive and enjoyable user-experience is now essential. Here is how we can help.

CDS built a responsive website for Irish Ferries

Making the right choice

Mobile users now outnumber desktop users for many sites and brands, so ensuring your website is accessible on all devices is critical to business success. But the plethora of devices and different screen sizes means a one-size-fits-all solution is not possible. There are a number of technical options for delivering your web content and services in an optimised way which is easy to use, and will encourage your users to come back again. Choosing the right approach is essential to ensure you get value for money.

At CDS we help you make the right choice, by identifying what your users need from your mobile service, and how, when and where they will use it. We will recommend the best approach to meet your users’ needs.

CDS are experts in all forms of mobile delivery, including responsive and adaptive websites built on a single codebase, dedicated mobile sites optimised exclusively for tablets and mobiles, HTML Web Apps and native OS Apps.


Mobile… CDS-style!

We apply the same high design and technical standards approach to mobile solutions as we do with standard websites, incorporating W3C Mobile Web Best Practices and WCAG Mobile Accessibility

Our extensive device testing platform provides peace of mind that your mobile service is device-agnostic. Coupled with industry leading service management provision (accredited to ISO2000), our service is perfect for organisations seeking a reliable, cost-effective mobile solution with great usability. We recommend developing responsive websites using an appropriate CMS such as EPiServer.

Take a look at the responsive website CDS developed for Irish Ferries using EPiServer CMS. CDS are an EPiServer Premium Partner.

With CDS as a partner we have created a solution that assists our marketing efforts in providing real demonstrable ROI and business benefits.

Daragh O’Reilly, Marketing Manager

Irish Ferries