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Objective Collaboration™ is a valuable tool and an asset for any business that wants to take full advantage of the knowledge and expertise available within a group to solve problems and develop solutions.

Objective Collaboration™ is the concept behind several applications we have developed that enable project leaders to manage and direct online collaboration within and across organisations, to take an idea to a completed document.

Through extensive academic, market and client based research CDS has identified that simply deploying the typical mix of blog, forum and wiki tools does not easily generate useful, business directed outcomes. The challenges are numerous, ranging from security to governance and ultimately gaining a consensus to enable business leaders to make timely decisions and achieve deadlines.

Working together with our customers we created collaboration tools underpinned by the principles of Objective Collaboration™ that address these challenges to provide you with an effective and powerful business solution.

ResilienceDirect has transformed the way that local resilience forums share work and good practice, dramatically improving information-flow, which is so critical in a major incident.

Paul Netherton, ACC

Devon and Cornwall Police

OneHR Objective Collaboration from CDS

Current related applications include several for the Cabinet Office:

  • ResilienceDirect™ is an online private ‘network’ that enables civil protection practitioners to work together – across geographical and organisational boundaries – during the preparation, response and recovery phases of an event or emergency.
  • An application which forms part of the Civil Service Reform designed to improve efficiency and help Civil Servants work in a smarter way.
  • The Cabinet Office’s Government Property Unit use our TeamHub application to facilitate communications and store documents.
  • A Human Resources application to provide support across government departments and communicate HR policy.
  • Another Human Resources application to provide guidance for new Civil Service starters.
CDS Objective Collaboration

Key features behind Objective Collaboration™

Our applications use the principles of Objective Collaboration™ to provide a business tool for leaders that offers control, security and governance. It drives and directs collaboration, to create a consensus that delivers valuable assets as opposed to simply enabling unmanageable social interaction and “chatter”. Our application is 100% web based – online, easy to use and highly available.

Leaders can:

  • fully control the end-to-end process to ensure objectives are delivered on time
  • invite/remove users from a project
  • start, move forward and complete projects
  • activate strong security controls and access rights down to individual users.

End-users can:

  • see all their projects, status, content and new material for contribution
  • see project deadlines for moving onto the next stage of the process – allowing users to quickly access those projects to ensure timely contribution.
ResilienceDirect™ supports the emergency services

Case study: ResilienceDirect™

We deliver ResilienceDirect™ to the Cabinet Office. ResilienceDirect™ is a solution offering real time information sharing for emergency responders and helps to facilitate multi-agency collaboration – helping to make the UK a safer place.

Read the case study

Mass email users with Objective Collaboration

Application features and benefits include:

  • Chat: instant communication between online users
  • User sign up: users can register for an account themselves
  • User profiles: creates a public profile that other users can view and search for
  • Communities: creates groups to share information and collaborate
  • Calendar: users can create and share events across communities and the site
  • Content pages: creates pages of content for you
  • Full content pages: full width main content are
  • Repository pages: document storage sharing and version control
  • Global pages: static pages are displayed in the footer
  • Response pages: status pages of an event or project
  • Security groups: select people to be part of security groups and define what they see
  • User activity audit: shows user activity on site
  • Notifications: Sends email notifications to users
  • Email users: sends an email to all users of the site through the admin function
  • Search: users can search the site for pages and documents
  • Security taxonomy: allows security settings to be applied to the users accessibility depending on which team they work for
  • Protective markings: users can set protective marking statuses (configurable through the admin) against uploaded documents
  • Organisations: displays organisations on the site and allows users to search and request to join them
  • Structure templates: Creates template structures to quickly set up new communities
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Objective Collaboration™ benefits summary

Objective Collaboration™ is a valuable approach for any business that wants to take full advantage of the knowledge and expertise available within a group to solve problems and develop solutions.

CDS offers a turnkey service. After purchasing one of our Objective Collaboration™ applications such as TeamHub you login, invite others to join your projects and start delivering outcomes. No involvement with I.T. is required, there’s no software to install and access is available to anyone you invite who has access to the internet and an email address.

Objective Collaboration™ applications are highly secure. The coding principles were tested and approved by the UK government security services team “CESG”.

Most collaboration tools in the market today focus on social interaction, which can quickly turn into the pitfall of many collaboration tools – an anarchic free for all that is off-topic.

CDS has a different approach. To find out about collaboration that focuses on business/leader guided objectives, rather than social interaction, contact us.

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