Bespoke print solutions

CDS has over 20 years’ experience of providing print solutions to a wide variety of organisations in the public and private sectors.


Waltham Forrest Bus wrapper designed by CDS

Clients benefit from significantly improved control over:
  1. Their brand and the way it is used
  2. Budgets and expenditure on printed documents

Bespoke print solutions from CDS

Over 70 major organisations trust CDS to deliver their print requirements under contract. These contracts are frequently extended and then often re-won following a fresh tendering exercise with additional services.
We have an exceptionally high client retention rate and our clients include:
  • Birmingham City Council 
  • Essex County Council 
  • London Borough of Waltham Forest 
  • London Borough of Sutton 
  • Wakefield Council 
  • Northamptonshire County Council 
  • West Sussex County Council 
  • Borough of Poole 
  • Queen’s University Belfast 
  • Middlesex University 
  • The Open University 
  • Keele University 
  • Essex Police 
  • Northamptonshire Police

Meeting individual client requirements

We handle everything from major communication projects through to business stationery orders and forms. We do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach as contracts are often tailored to specific client requirements. As their partner we help them control their brand, content, channels and costs. 
CDS is an approved Crown Commercial Service Supplier
We provide innovation to our clients through our culture of continuous improvement, evolving our services to meet changing requirements, whilst delivering significant savings. 
We take a partnership approach and provide a single point of contact to clients. Our expert advice and consultancy ensures your communications are: 
  • Fit for purpose 
  • On brand 
  • On time 
  • Offer value for money 

Online systems

Our Account Managers use online systems to ensure: 
  • Speedy and accurate workflow 
  • Effective communication and collaboration between users, designers and production 
  • Projects are delivered on time and on budget 
  • Savings are identified and captured 
  • Focused management information reports on performance and trends 
Our systems are browser-based, providing secure access and real time information on the status of each piece of work. Our ‘open book’ policy provides an audit trail for every job and enables us to report on over 100 key metrics including service performance, financial details, cost savings and support for the local economy.  

Northamptonshire County Council chose CDS because they demonstrated that they could offer the Council best value for our design and print requirements. Their expertise, systems and buying power will help us reduce costs, improve operational processes and manage our corporate image, freeing our people to focus on core council services.

David Stubbs, Marketing Manager

Northamptonshire County Council